Famous People Who Support West Ham? (Correct answer)

a list of well-known supporters

  • Kriss Akabusi, Behzinga, Russell Brand, Danny Dyer, Mike Gapes, Steve Harris, Alfred Hitchcock, Phill Jupitus, and others

What celebrities support West Ham?

Katy Perry, Barack Obama, Matt Damon, and other celebrities are among West Ham’s most famous supporters. It is commonly acknowledged that West Ham boasts one of the most ardent supporter following in the Premier League.

Is John Terry a West Ham fan?

My entire family is a supporter of West Ham United,” Terry said in a series of remarks related with the photograph. ” It happened to me that I scored a goal against them and, as I went to celebrate in front of their fans, I was confronted by my uncle and father, who yelled and insulted me.”

Does Triple H support West Ham?

However, Triple H – actual name Paul Levesque – is a huge supporter of West Ham United.

Does Russell Brand support West Ham?

Brand, Cottee, and Mahoney talked about their favorite players and how much they like watching games under the lights. After Brand mentioned that he was introduced to West Ham United by his father, Cottee inquired as to what makes him the most proud to be a West Ham supporter.

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Are West Ham fans violent?

West Ham United supporters have a long history of violence and hooliganism. Their old home field, Upton Park, has also been the scene of racism amongst supporters, and it was here that football hooliganism began in the 1960s amongst bovver lads.

Is West Ham a Catholic club?

In fact, it was the Roman Catholic community of Upton Park that aided West Ham United in finding a home on the ground, which they will leave after 112 years next week. It goes without saying that West Ham United has always had a presence in that part of east London, dating back to its founding as Thames Ironworks Football Club in Canning Town in 1895.

Are West Ham a big club?

According to Gabby Agbonlahor, if you exclude Chelsea from the equation, West Ham are the most important club in London. And he may have a point, given that the Hammers finished above both Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal in the Premier League the previous season.

Who is Tottenham biggest rival?

When it comes to association football, the North London derby is a local rivalry between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur, both of which have their home stadiums in the North London neighborhood of Islington. The fans of both teams consider the other to be their major enemy, and the derby is widely regarded as one of the most renowned and fiercest derbies in the world, with many claiming it to be the best in the world.

Are Man United and West Ham rivals?

Chelsea fans, on the other hand, have not completely returned the West London rivalry in recent years, owing to their success in the previous 10–15 years and their preference for other West London clubs such as Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham United, and Manchester United.

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What is the biggest rivalry in football?

First and foremost, Barcelona will take on Real Madrid. Despite the recent awful meetings, El Clasico continues to be the most important rivalry in international football.

Who is Terrys dad?

He is currently retired, however throughout his playing career, he represented Chelsea, West Ham, Manchester City, and Fulham. 7

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