How Long Is Chelsea Stadium Tour? (TOP 5 Tips)

What is the duration of the tour? Chelsea FC Stadium Tours run around one hour, but because admission to the Museum is included in your ticket, you should plan on spending a total of two hours on the grounds of the stadium. The museum, which features amazing green-screen photographic opportunities, may be enjoyed before and/or after the tour and is open both days.
What is the duration of the Chelsea FC stadium tour in London?

  • The following topics are covered throughout the tour: How long does the Chelsea FC Stadium Tour last? A Stadium Tour of the Chelsea Football Club lasts roughly one hour and is accessible on a daily basis, with the exception of home match days and the day before a home match day. The excursions are some of the top sports venue tours in London, and they are quite popular, therefore it is suggested that you book in advance.

How much is Stamford Bridge tour?

Prices for tickets and hours of operation Adults may get tickets for £19 (online) or £22 (at the door). Children between the ages of five and fifteen can get tickets for £13 (online) or £16 (at the door). Seniors, handicapped individuals, and students can get tickets for $14 (online) or £16 (at the door). Children under the age of five, as well as their caregivers, are admitted free of charge.

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Are Chelsea doing stadium tours?

The dates are February 12th and 26th, 2022.

How long is tour of Stamford Bridge?

Take a trip that has been enjoyed by millions of sports lovers from all around the world for the past 22 years and see for yourself why! Our great live tour guides will take you on a terrific 60-minute tour of Stamford Bridge, taking you into the Dressing Rooms, Press Room, Player’s Tunnel, Pitchside, and much more.

How long does a stadium tour last?

Each Stadium Tour ticket is accompanied by a multimedia gadget that allows you to explore at your own leisure within the stadium complex. Allow up to 90 minutes for a Stadium Tour, although we urge that you allow more time. The M Café will be the final stop on your tour, and you will be asked to have a seat and enjoy a variety of hot and cold drinks while you are here.

Where is Chelsea’s new stadium?

Stamford Bridge (/stmfrd/) is a football stadium in the London borough of Fulham, which is close to the borough of Chelsea. It is located in South West London. Chelsea Football Club plays their home games at Stamford Bridge. With a capacity of 40,834, it will be the seventh largest stadium in the Premier League for the 2021–22 season.

Can I visit Chelsea training ground?

Are there any open days at the Chelsea FC training ground where fans may come and watch the players in action? Unless otherwise stated, all training sessions at Stamford Bridge and the training ground are private and not available to the general public.

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Is Stamford Bridge owned by Chelsea?

Chelsea Pitch Owners plc is a non-profit organization that is a subsidiary of Chelsea Football Club and is responsible for the care of Stamford Bridge. In addition to owning the freehold of Stamford Bridge stadium, it also holds the name rights to the Chelsea Football Club.

How old is Stamford Bridge?

Buses that stop at this pier transport passengers between Putney Pier and Blackfriars Pier on the Thames. The last Eastbound boat arrives at Chelsea Harbour about 6.20 p.m., according to the current schedule. The last Westbound boat arrives at 7.35 p.m., according to the schedule. Because Stamford Bridge is located in a densely populated residential neighborhood, parking is scarce and frequently booked.

How many stadiums are in London?

The Stadium Guide is a comprehensive guide to all 22 football stadiums in London.

How long is Anfield stadium tour?

The LFC Stadium Tour will be between 70 and 90 minutes at the most, while a visit to The Liverpool FC Story interactive exhibition will last no more than 30 minutes at the most.

How long is Wembley tour?

The guided portions of the tour will last roughly 75 minutes in total. We recommend that you plan on spending at least 2 hours with us.

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