How Many Games Did Chelsea Lose Last Season?

In how long has it been since Chelsea last competed in the Premier League?

  • This is a list of every season in which Chelsea Football Club has participated in English and European football, starting with their initial season in 1905–06 and ending with their most recent completed season (2018–19). Each season’s best goal scorers are included, as well as their overall record in every major competition they have participated in.

Did Chelsea win anything in 2020?

Chelsea’s second European Cup triumph came on May 29, 2021, when they overcame rival English club Manchester City in the Champions League final to become the club’s second European Cup champions in three years.

Who defeated Chelsea most?

In the 2005–06 FA Premier League season, they played their most recent different league opponent, Wigan Athletic, for the first time in their history. Chelsea has won 63 of its league matches against Newcastle United, which is the most wins the team has had against any other club in their history.

Who was Chelsea’s captain in 2019?

Azpilicueta was appointed club captain in 2019 following the hiring of Frank Lampard, and he captained the squad in virtually all of our games during a campaign that lasted 12 months due to the coronavirus quarantine.

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Who is the coach of Chelsea in 2020?

Thomas Tuchel is the current head coach, having been hired in January 2021. Chelsea have had 29 permanent managers/head coaches (four of whom have also served as player-managers), six interim managers, and five caretakers in their history, according to Football Reference.

Who is Chelsea’s captain?

Chelsea captain Cesar Azpilicueta has spoken about the scenario surrounding Romelu Lukaku’s transfer to the club from Liverpool. 4

How many trophies does Ronaldo have?

The striker has collected 32 medals throughout his professional career, including seven league crowns and five UEFA Champions Leagues. He has also played in the one-time UEFA European Championship and the one-time UEFA Nations League.

Who is the top scorer in Chelsea 2020 21?

Romelu Lukaku has scored five goals for Chelsea.

What is Chelsea’s biggest win?

With a 13–0 victory over Jeunesse Hautcharage in the Cup Winners’ Cup in 1971, Chelsea holds the record for the most wins in a competitive match by a single score. When the team won 8–0 against Wigan Athletic in 2010, it set a new record for the club, which was later surpassed by a same score against Aston Villa in 2012.

What is the biggest defeat in Premier league history?

1. Manchester United defeated Ipswich Town by a score of 9-0. Old Trafford hosted the match on March 4, 1995.

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