How Many Goals Has Ashley Cole Scored For Chelsea?

Premier League Playing History

Appearances 385
Goals 15
Assists 31
Clean sheets 148

How old was Cole when he scored his first goal for Chelsea?

  • Chelsea were defeated 2–1 by Tottenham Hotspur in the 2008 Football League Cup Final, in which he was replaced by Wayne Bridge. But Cole scored his first Chelsea goal the very following game, against West Ham United, on 1 March 2008. It was the fourth goal in Chelsea’s 4–0 away triumph at the London Stadium.

Is Ashley Cole a Chelsea or Arsenal legend?

ASHLEY COLE has demonstrated that his allegiances remain firmly with Chelsea by stating that he wants the Blues will advance to the Champions League at the expense of Arsenal. In 2006, the 39-year-old former England left-back made the infamous journey from North London to West London. And it’s evident that he still has a soft spot for the Blues, where he’s considered as something of a club icon.

Is Ashley Cole still at Chelsea?

Cole, a former Chelsea defender, is presently employed by the club, where he works with the club’s academy and also does some punditry work. Cole will continue to work with Chelsea’s youth while still juggling his international responsibilities for the national team.

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How many trophies did Ashley Cole win at Chelsea?

An integral member of the backline that served as the foundation for Chelsea’s most successful period in its history, Cole helped them win the Champions League, Premier League, Europa League, four FA Cups, and the league Cup while making over 300 appearances and racking up incredible mileage with his attacking runs down the flank and defensive work in the middle of the park.

Who is the best left back in football history?

Paolo Maldini is the first of them. Gianluigi Buffon broke the record in 2020, becoming the first player to do so. Between 1988 and 2002, he played in four World Cups and three Euros for Italy, and he made defence look natural. He won the Champions League five times during his tenure at AC Milan, and none other than Zlatan Ibrahimovic described him as “the best and toughest defender I’ve ever faced.”

Who has played for Arsenal and Chelsea?

Because Nicolas Anelka has played for so many different teams, it’s not surprising that he has represented both Arsenal and Chelsea. The Gunners were the Frenchman’s first English club, where he scored 23 goals in 65 appearances before joining Chelsea more than a decade later, when he scored 38 goals in 125 games over four seasons.

What football team does Ashley Cole support?

Ashley Cole, a former Arsenal, Chelsea, and England defender, is connected to American diva Mariah Carey, according to a story you couldn’t make up if your life depended on it.

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Who is Ashley Cole’s partner now?

In an interview with People, the Girls Aloud actress admitted that she does not adhere to any rigorous diets. However, I do give myself one cheat day every week, which is usually on a Sunday, so I’m not eating McDonald’s or pizza every day. I have a strong desire for sweets. ‘I enjoy cupcakes, donuts, and pretty much anything else that is quite unhealthy,’ she said.

Why did Ashley leave Arsenal?

After leaving Arsenal for Chelsea in one of the most contentious moves in Premier League history, Ashley Cole explained that his decision was motivated by Chelsea’s deteriorating ‘winning culture.’ That shift, both in terms of discovering myself in a new culture and in terms of the motivation and desire to win, was made possible by my transfer to Chelsea.

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