How Many Goals Has Frank Lampard Scored For Chelsea? (Correct answer)

Footballer Frank Lampard has been inducted into the Premier League Hall of Fame. He was a former Chelsea midfielder. Inductees into the Premier League Hall of Fame include Frank Lampard, Chelsea’s all-time greatest goalscorer, who has become the latest player to be honored. The former West Ham and Chelsea midfielder scored 177 goals in 609 Premier League games for the Hammers, Chelsea, and Manchester City.
Frank Lampard played in a total of how many games for Chelsea?

  • He appeared in 648 games for the club, making 593 starts in those games. Only Ron Harris, Peter Bonetti, and John Terry have amassed a greater number of appearances. How many goals did he score during his time at Chelsea? Frank Lampard is our all-time top goalscorer, having scored 211 goals in his career.

How many goal did Lampard score for Chelsea?

With 177 goals in the Premier League’s history, Lampard is the fifth-highest scorer in the league’s history. He is also the club’s all-time leading scorer with 211 goals. Also in 2009-10, he set the single-season Premier League scoring record with 22 goals – Fernandes (who now has 18) will need to score five goals in his remaining two games to break it.

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How many career goals has Lampard scored?

Lampard’s remarkable Chelsea career came to an end with 648 appearances and 211 goals in all.

Who scored the most goals for Chelsea?

Frank Lampard holds the record for most goals scored by a Chelsea player, with 211 in total.

How many goals did Drogba score for Chelsea?

Over the course of 254 Premier League matches, Didier Drogba scored 104 goals and assisted on an additional 55 goals. Drogba, who is constantly looking for a way to win, has 172 victories and only 30 defeats throughout his tenure with the Blues. Furthermore, during the 2006/07 and 2009/10 seasons, the 43-year-old was awarded two Premier League Golden Boots, one in each season.

How many goals did Frank Lampard score for England?

Lampard scored 29 goals for England and was named England Player of the Year in 2004 and 2005, among other honors. He is also England’s most prolific penalty taker, having scored nine goals from the spot in his career.

How many Champions League goals does Frank Lampard have?

With 25 goals, he is our second leading scorer in Europe, after only Didier Drogba, who has 34. In the Champions League, Lampard scored a total of 23 goals. With 12 goals in the League Cup, he is our second leading scorer, trailing only Kerry Dixon, who has 25. His first Chelsea goal came in his fifth appearance, during a UEFA Cup tie against Levski Sofia at Stamford Bridge.

How many times has Frank Lampard won the Premier League?

With Chelsea, he won three Premier League championships, four FA Cups, two League Cups, as well as the UEFA Champions League and Europa League, and he was voted Premier League Player of the Season in 2004/05. He was also awarded Premier League Player of the Season in 2005/06.

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What is Chelsea’s biggest win?

With a 13–0 victory over Jeunesse Hautcharage in the Cup Winners’ Cup in 1971, Chelsea holds the record for the most wins in a competitive match by a single score. When the team won 8–0 against Wigan Athletic in 2010, it set a new record for the club, which was later surpassed by a same score against Aston Villa in 2012.

Who is Chelsea best striker ever?

1. Bobby Tambling has scored 202 goals in 202 games for Chelsea. Bobby Tambling is the greatest Chelsea striker of all time, according to the number of goals he has scored for the club. Tambling joined Chelsea in 1959 and went on to make 370 appearances for the Blues.

Who broke Chelsea’s home record?

Liverpool stopped Chelsea’s record-breaking home streak in an iconic moment.

How many Premier League did Drogba won with Chelsea?

In addition to his four Premier League crowns, he has also won four FA Cups, three League Cups, and the Champions League, which he achieved in the most dramatic and beautiful of circumstances.

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