How Many Goals Has Mikel Scored For Chelsea?

Club-specific statistics

Chelsea FC 372 13
Stoke City 41 1
Tianjin Jinmen Tiger 31 3
Trabzonspor 27


  • However, this quickly changed, and the player was given the opportunity to demonstrate how wonderful he was on the field and how much he deserved to play for such a prestigious team. Mikel Obi has scored a total of six goals for Chelsea over the course of many seasons. In the Champions League 2016 (versus Paris Saint-Germain F.C.), the sixth goal was scored.

How many goals has Mikel Obi scored for Chelsea?

John Obi Mikel scored six goals in 374 appearances during his ten-year Chelsea career. His highlights reel during his time at Stamford Bridge isn’t very impressive, despite the fact that he was a reliable but infrequent starter.

How many years did Mikel play for Chelsea?

Following claims by Manchester United that they had already signed him, he moved to English club Chelsea in a highly publicized trade in 2006. For the next 11 years, he remained with Chelsea before going to China with Tianjin TEDA in 2017.

When did Mikel Obi leave Chelsea?

Obi Mikel joined Chelsea in 2006 and remained with the club until his departure in 2017.

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Did Mikel Obi has private jet?

Despite the fact that there is no evidence that Obi has a private aircraft, he has been spotted traveling in one on several occasions, leading some to speculate that he does it on his own dime. In contrast, neither the football player nor his agent have publicly confirmed or denied the rumor’s veracity. Many people have come to assume that he genuinely possesses a private jet as a result of this.

How many games did Mikel start for Chelsea?

Mikel, on the other hand, reached the 200-game mark for Chelsea during the season and started all but 10 of the team’s league games.

Did Mikel Obi played Under 17 World Cup?

Mikel Obi, the former captain of the Super Eagles, has posted some flashback photos from when he represented his country in the 2003 U-17 FIFA World Cup, which was held in Finland.

Who is the wife of Mikel Obi?

Olga Diyachenko, the wife of John Obi Mikel, has expressed support for the midfielder’s decision to terminate his contract with Trabzonspor in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak in Turkey.

How many goals did Makelele scored for Chelsea?

Claude Makelele made 217 appearances for Chelsea, but only managed to score twice in that time. Makelele was a fantastic player for Chelsea, but he didn’t contribute much to the team’s offensive, scoring only two goals in all competitions. It was on this date in 2005 that he scored his first goal for the Blues, in a 1-0 victory over Charlton.

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Who is Michael Obi?

In the month of January 1949, Michael Obi is a young reform-minded educator residing in Nigeria. He has been entrusted with overhauling Ndume Central School, which has a reputation for being unprogressive or backward in its practices. After arriving in the town with their daughter, Michael and his wife, Nancy, have the goal of bringing it into the contemporary day.

Where is Obi Mikel now?

John Obi Mikel, a former Chelsea player, is no longer under contract with Al Kuwait SC, who canceled his contract on Thursday.

What is Mikel Obi salary?

In 2014, it was discovered that Nigerian international and Chelsea FC footballer John Obi Mikel has filed for British citizenship through the British High Commission in Abuja. In the news this week, it was discovered that Mikel has become a naturalized British citizen!

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