How Many Goals Has Timo Werner Scored For Chelsea? (TOP 5 Tips)

Playing a Role in the Premier League

Club Apps (Subs) Goals
EFL Cup 2 (0) 1
UEFA Super Cup 0 (0)
FA Cup 1 (0) 1
Chelsea 35 (6) 6


  • Timo Werner is a 25-year-old forward who is 180cm tall and weighs 75kg. He is 25 years old and weighs 75kg. He has two seasons of experience with the current club Chelsea, during which time he has played 69 matches and scored 13 goals.

How many goals does Timo Werner have in EPL?

Timo Werner is a German citizen who is 25 years old (date of birth: 06/03/1996). Timo Werner now resides in Germany. Their height is 180cm and their weight is 75kg. They are both female. Timo Werner has appeared in six matches for the English Premier League this season (2021/22). (plus 3 as a sub). The team has taken 6 shots on target out of a total of 10 attempts, and they have scored 1 goal (2.38 xG).

How many disallowed goals has Timo Werner scored?

Initially, it was thought that the German had had 16 goals disallowed by VAR since joining the club in the summer of 2017. However, this was later proven to be incorrect. This, on the other hand, has been ruled out. Only three of his conversions in the Premier League have been ruled out due to technological limitations thus far.

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Has Timo Werner scored in EPL?

After a dismal debut season in the Premier League with Chelsea in 2020/21, the 25-year-old has fallen out of favor with certain Chelsea supporters. Chelsea paid £97.5 million for the Belgian striker, who went on to score four goals in his first four games, much to the delight of the club’s supporters in the process.

What height is Werner?

108 – The incredible number of goal contributions Sancho produced while wearing a Dortmund shirt over the course of those 137 games, which included 50 goals and 58 assists. That total of fifty Sancho goals was distributed throughout the Bundesliga (38), the Champions League (5), the German Cup (6), and the Supercup (six goals) (1).

How many goals does Tammy Abraham have?

Tammy Abraham has appeared in 19 matches for the Italian Serie A team in the season 2021/22. Their 20 shots on target have resulted in 7 goals from a total of 37 shots taken by them (9.06 xG). The average number of passes made by Tammy Abraham per game is 18, with a completion percentage of 74 percent, and she has three assists.

How many goals has Lukaku?

Lukaku has scored 251 goals in 508 appearances for his club so far in his professional career. In addition, he has scored 64 goals in 98 appearances for Belgium, and he is presently the country’s all-time leading scorer.

What age is Werner?

According to rumours, Chelsea striker Timo Werner is open to quitting the club amid interest from Bundesliga rivals Bayern Munich. When it came to his debut season at Chelsea, the 25-year-old had a hit-and-miss year, failing to establish himself as a reliable center-forward after failing to capitalise on an abundance of golden opportunities for the Blues.

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