How Many Goals Has Van Persie Scored Against Chelsea? (Solution)

Van Persie’s hat-trick in the 2011 Premier League versus Chelsea. When Arsenal played Chelsea in 2011, Rob van Persie scored three goals as the Gunners came away with all three points at Stamford Bridge.
How many goals has Robin van Persie scored in the Premier League this season?

  • 2011 has seen Robin van Persie (right) score 28 goals in 27 appearances for the Premier League. A hat-trick from Robin van Persie spurred Arsenal to an astonishing victory over Chelsea, as their comeback gained pace in a thriller at Stamford Bridge.

How many goals did Van Persie scored against Arsenal?

Having moved from north London to Manchester in August of last year, Van Persie has scored in each of the three games he has played against Arsenal since then.

How many goals has Van Persie scored for Manu?

Despite scoring 58 goals in 105 games for Manchester United and playing a crucial role in the club’s most recent Premier League triumph, Van Persie continues to be regarded as a hero by the club’s supporters.

How many goals Thierry Henry scored Chelsea?

Cudicini then confessed how much he admired Arsenal icon Thierry Henry, who had eight goals in ten league outings versus Chelsea before his injury.

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Who has won the most Premier League golden boots?

Thierry Henry of Arsenal has won the Golden Boot a record four times, and he is one of just two players in history to have done it for three consecutive seasons, between 2003/04 and 2005/06. Alan Shearer, who played for Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United between 1994/95 and 1996/97, is the other player on this list.

Is Van Persie an Arsenal legend?

ROBIN VAN PERSIE has chosen the six finest players he has ever had the pleasure of playing alongside – and four of them are former Manchester United greats. The former Arsenal captain, who played his final three seasons in England with Manchester United, announced his retirement from the sport at the age of 35.

How many trophies did Van Persie won with Manchester United?

Four of the six finest players Robin Van Persie has ever played alongside were Manchester United legends, according to the Dutchman. Having played his last three seasons in England with Manchester United, the former Arsenal captain decided to call time on his career at the age of 35.

When did Ronaldo leave Manu?

And, at least according to Nani, it appears that he had no difficulty notifying his Manchester United teammates of his plans to quit the club and join Real Madrid back in 2009.

Did Van Persie won Golden Boot in Arsenal?

“Van Persie wins the Premier League Golden Boot (a list of winners of the Golden Boot Award from 1992 to 2012)”. Arsenal Football Club (Arsenal FC). 14th of May, 2012.

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When did Henry leave Arsenal?

After his playing career came to an end in 2015, Henry began working as a television pundit, and in the same year, he was appointed as the head coach of Arsenal’s under-16 squad. After being forced to choose between remaining as a coach and continuing his television career, in July 2016, he decided to leave Arsenal and pursue other opportunities.

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