How Much Did Kevin De Bruyne Cost Chelsea? (Solution)

He was transferred by Chelsea to Wolfsburg for £18 million after making only nine appearances for the Blues during his time at Stamford Bridge this season. After being released from his previous club, the Belgian returned to the Premier League, signing for Manchester City for £52 million a year later.

Why did Chelsea sell De Bruyne?

In an interview with talkSPORT, Mourino explained the circumstances surrounding De Bruyne’s departure from Stamford Bridge, stating: “He impressed me so much that I made the decision that I didn’t want this kid to go on loan, I wanted him to stay, and he started our first Premier League match against Hull City.”

How old was Kevin De Bruyne when he signed for Chelsea?

The 20-year-old has agreed to a five-and-a-half-year contract with the Belgian champions and will remain on loan with them until the end of the season, according to the club. While De Bruyne is a left-sided player by nature, the Belgian has been on Chelsea’s radar for some time, and he has faced the London club twice in this season’s Champions League group stages.

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How much did Chelsea sell Mo Salah for?

Salah joined Chelsea in 2014 for a reported sum of £11 million, but his limited playing time resulted in his being loaned out to Fiorentina and Roma, who eventually bought him on a permanent basis for €15 million.

Did Bruyne flop at Chelsea?

It has taken almost six years for DeBruyne to mature into one of the Premier League’s most talented players, following a disastrous two-year spell at Chelsea during which he made just three first-team appearances. He went on to win the Premier League’s inaugural Playmaker of the Season award, which he received later in the season. In many respects, his journey to popularity had come to a successful conclusion.

Has Mo Salah played for Chelsea?

A disastrous two-year tenure at Chelsea during which he made only three first-team appearances set the stage for DeBruyne’s development into one of the Premier League’s top players over six years ago. The Premier League’s first-ever Playmaker of the Season award was then given to him. In many respects, his journey to popularity had come to a successful conclusion..

How many Assist does De Bruyne have in his career?

Kevin De Bruyne: Assists in all competitions, according to Numbers 101. Only David Silva (140) has a higher total. 65: The total number of goals scored in all competitions. He is ranked 36th all-time in City’s history, matching George Dorsett.

Who cheated on De Bruyne Courtois?

It was around this time that Kevin’s girlfriend, Caroline Linjen, had an affair with Courtois, and as a result, Kevin and Courtois were no longer considered friends. Caroline claimed to Courtois that she had cheated on his partner and had a sexual encounter with him when she first met him in Madrid.

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How much did van Dijk cost?

In 2015, he joined Southampton before joining Liverpool in January 2018 for a then-world-record £75 million transfer price, which was then the most ever paid for a defender. While with Liverpool, Van Dijk helped the club reach back-to-back UEFA Champions League finals in 2018 and 2019, with the latter victory.

How much did Liverpool pay Andy Robertson?

His outstanding play during his first season as a professional earned him the title of PFA Scotland Young Player of the Year, as well as the opportunity to represent his country at the international level. When he first signed with Hull City, it was for a sum of £2.85 million. He then moved to Liverpool in July 2017 for an unknown amount, which is thought to have been an initial £8 million.

How much did Liverpool pay for Firmino?

Liverpool. During his time participating for Brazil at the Copa América, Firmino and Hoffenheim reached an agreement for him to go to Premier League club Liverpool for a fee of up to £29 million after the completion of the tournament, subject to the receipt of a work permit.

Why did Mo Salah leave Chelsea?

In an interview with the BBC, Mohamed Salah said that he was forced to leave Chelsea in order to find his footballing level because the Blues wanted him to adapt his style. “When I was at Chelsea, I felt that I wanted to alter the sort of football played and the culture of the club, and I also felt that I needed to modify my own style of play.”

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How many games did Kevin De Bruyne play for Chelsea?

He was transferred by Chelsea to Wolfsburg for £18 million after making only nine appearances for the Blues during his time at Stamford Bridge this season.

Which coach signed Kevin De Bruyne?

While Jose Mourinho was in command at Chelsea, according to former assistant manager Eddie Newton, Kevin De Bruyne had little chance of achieving success at the club. De Bruyne joined Chelsea from Genk in 2012 for a fee of £6.7 million. He was promptly loaned out to Werder Bremen, where he established himself as a key player.

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