How Much Have Chelsea Spent?

Who are the biggest spenders for Chelsea in the Premier League’s transfer window?

  • Kai Havertz (£71 million), Tim Werner (£48 million), Ben Chilwell (£45 million), Hakim Ziyech (£36 million), and Edouard Mendy (£22 million) were among the most expensive acquisitions made by Chelsea during the summer window under manager Frank Lampard.

How much have Chelsea spent since Abramovich took over?

According to reports, the club has spent EUR 2.22 billion on new players since Abramovich took over as owner, more than any other team in the Premier League during that time span combined.

How much did Chelsea spend this season 2020?

Chelsea were the largest spenders among Premier League teams, who spent a total of £272 million on agents for the 2020-21 season. Chelsea have spent the most on agency fees this season, with Premier League teams spending more than £272 million on their services for the 2020-21 season. Chelsea have spent the most on agent fees this season.

How much has Chelsea spent since 2000?

There aren’t many rewards for predicting which two teams finish first and second, with Chelsea sitting nicely at the top of the table after spending £2.15 billion during the 2000/01 season.

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How much is Chelsea debt?

The loans that Roman Abramovich has injected into Chelsea have now reached a total value of £1.5 billion. Abramovich lent Chelsea £19.9 million last season, bringing the total amount of related-party loans to £1.514 billion, according to the club’s annual papers filed by Fordstam Ltd, the club’s parent company. 7

How much money did Chelsea spend in 2004?

According to Transfermarkt, Chelsea spent a total of £153 million during the 2003-04 campaign. In the following year, the Blues spent £149.9 million on the signings of Didier Drogba, Arjen Robben, and the rest of their new squad members.

Who spent most money in Premier League 2020?

The top three clubs in terms of net expenditure have remained unaltered from the previous season’s spending list, with Arsenal the most extravagant club with a net expenditure of £131.8 million, followed by Manchester United (103.7 million) and Manchester City (72.7 million).

How much did Chelsea pay for Lukaku?

When Chelsea announced the return of Romelu Lukaku to the club this month for an eye-watering £97.5 million, many football fans were taken aback. Having sold him to Everton for just £28 million in 2014, the Belgian moved on to join Manchester United three years later for a reported £75 million.

How much was Eden Hazard sold to Real Madrid?

The 30-year-old has been connected with a return to west London only two years after leaving the club to join Real Madrid in an initial £89 million deal in 2019. He has been linked with a return to the club after departing in a two-year period.

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