How Much Is My Council Tax Kensington And Chelsea? (Best solution)

Rates of the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s council tax for the years 2021/22

Band* 2020/21 2021/22
B £961.98 £1,021.69
C £1,099.40 £1,167.64
D £1,236.83 £1,313.60
E £1,511.68 £1,605.51


Which London borough has the highest council tax?

What is the amount of council tax levied in each borough of London? According to the most recent figures, the average Band D house in Kingston-Upon-Thames pays £1,693 in council tax per year, the highest cost in the country. Harrow is next with a £1,599 price tag, followed by Richmond with a £1,595 price tag.

How is council tax calculated?

Council Tax values are based on the value of properties that are not utilized for commercial purposes, such as residential homes. The valuation is based on the price at which the property would have sold on the open market on the first of April 1991 in England and the first of April 2003 in Wales on the first of April 1991. Information and values provided by the VOA are not based on real estate price indices.

How is council tax calculated in London?

Council tax rates differ between London boroughs, and within each borough, there are up to eight council tax bands, which are determined based on the capital value of the property as of the first day of April in 1991, with the lowest band being the lowest. The amount of council tax that is due on a property is decided by the borough in which it is located and the band to which it has been assigned.

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What is the most expensive council tax in the UK?

Nottingham, Dorset, and Rutland are the counties with the highest annual Band D council tax bills, with bills totaling £2,226, £2,223, and £2,195, respectively, in the year 2012. Westminster, Wandsworth, and the City of London are the most expensive boroughs to live in in London, with residents paying £1,049 for a one-bedroom apartment.

Who pays council tax on rented?

When renting a furnished property, whether you are a French national or not, you will be liable to pay council tax if you meet the following criteria: you were a resident occupying the property on the 1st January, even if you have moved out since this date; and you are renting for an extended period of time.

Is council tax per person or per house?

In most cases, the individual who owns or occupies the property is responsible for paying the council tax. If you live alone, you are the individual who is responsible for paying council tax. When a property is occupied by more than one individual, a hierarchical tree is used to determine who is responsible for paying the council tax.

Is council tax the same as rates?

In the United Kingdom, council tax is the major ‘local tax’ that is levied on residents. Rates are the term used in Northern Ireland to refer to the levy that is equal to council tax. They apply to all properties, including mobile homes and caravans, and boats, whether rented or owned, that are used as personal residences by persons. This includes both rental and owned properties.

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