How To Apply For Chelsea Football Academy? (TOP 5 Tips)

What is the atmosphere like at Chelsea FC’s academy?

  • Chelsea FC has a football academy that caters to children from the ages of nine to twenty-three. Following an independent assessment conducted by the Premier League, the Academy was given Category One classification in 2016.

How do you get into Chelsea Football Academy?

From the Third Round onwards, clubs from the Premier League and Championship are eligible to compete. The competition is organized in a knockout style, with extra time being played if the score is still tied after 90 minutes. Only players who are currently enrolled in the Under-16, Under-17, or Under-18 age categories for the current season are allowed to compete.

How do you join the football Academy?

We’ve compiled a list of the top four ways to get into a football club’s youth academy.

  1. There are two methods to get scouted: one, find the proper agency for you
  2. and second, get scouted. Making contact with clubs on your own. Join a specialized academy that will train you and assist you in finding trials.
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How do you get scouted by Chelsea?

Finding the appropriate agent is the first step. The second step is being scouted. making direct contact with clubs. Join a specialized academy that will train you and assist you in finding challenges..

  1. A player’s CV
  2. a covering letter
  3. a player’s vital statistics sheet that includes the following information: position, age, date of birth, height and weight
  4. contact information (email/phone/address)
  5. current and previous clubs
  6. details of any trials that have been attended
  7. any representative honors such as school, districts, county etc.

Do you get paid in football Academy?

Yes, Academy players get compensated for their efforts. A payment is paid to youth athletes after they graduate from high school and sign a professional contract. An apprentice in this industry earns a modest pay before signing a professional contract, just as they do in other businesses. This is the point at which athletes are eligible to compete for an Academy scholarship.

What is the minimum age to join a football Academy?

An Academy player must be at least nine years old to be accepted into the program, however several clubs, like as Arsenal, offer development groups that cater to youngsters even younger than nine years old.

Can anyone join a football academy?

If you are prepared to go for the greatest training, we would welcome players from all corners of the country. Our weekly training and games are attended by our in-house professional scout as well as scouts from the Premiership and League clubs in attendance. Not a single football club in the United Kingdom hasn’t heard of us!

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How do I start a career in football?

There are some suggestions in this guide for those who are interested in beginning their football career.

  1. Motivation. Examine your motivation for aspiring to be a professional footballer.
  2. Training.
  3. Increase your effort on the field.
  4. Analyze your abilities.
  5. Join a local team.
  6. Set goals.
  7. Nutrition.

How much does football academy cost?

Take a look at the table below to find out how much it costs to join the finest football academies in Nigeria: Pepsi Football Academy: N6,000 (for youngsters between the ages of 5 and 14 years), N12,000 (for players between the ages of 15 and 18 years) (players from 15 years upward) N7,500 for the Kwara State Football Academy. N770,000 for the Midas Football Academy.

Can you get scouted at 14?

You may be scouted in football from the age of 7 to 22 years old, with the majority of players being scouted by football academies from the age of 13. There isn’t exactly a set age at which you are no longer eligible to be scouted; nevertheless, the average age at which you are no longer eligible to be scouted is in your early twenties.

What age is a junior at Chelsea FC?

Juniors are those under the age of 20 while senior citizens are those above the age of 65. Each Junior and Senior is defined as follows: anybody under the age of 20 on July 31, 2021, and anyone above the age of 65 on July 31, 2021.

How can I email Chelsea?

Chelsea Football Club’s Official Supporters Clubs may be reached by email at [email protected] To get in contact with us about a ticketing issue, or if you are interested in opting into the Ticketing system, please send an email to [email protected] Thank you for your attention!

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How do I send an email to Chelsea FC?

Alternatively, you can send an email to [email protected]

How do you write a football trial letter?

You should include the following information in your covering letter:

  1. The following information: Your name, address, and phone number
  2. your age, birthday, and height
  3. the position you play
  4. the current team you are a member of

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