How To Get West Ham Tickets? (Question)

  • As a result, most of the matches at the London Stadium this season have been sold out through the ballot system as well – there is no actual open sale. Purchase of a Claret membership, which includes reduced booking fees and priority access to cup tickets, is the most effective method to ensure that you can attend every West Ham game this season.

How will I receive my West Ham tickets?

Most of the matches at the London Stadium this season have also been sold out through that ballot process, therefore there is no actual general sale taking place at the stadium this season. Purchase of a Claret membership, which also provides you reduced booking fees and priority on cup tickets, is the most effective method to ensure you acquire tickets to any West Ham game this season.

Are fans allowed at West Ham?

Fans are still permitted to attend games, something West Ham manager David Moyes is pleased with despite lockdown concerns.

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What time does West Ham ticket office open?

In-person callers can reach the Main Ticket Office from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

How can I buy Premier League tickets in USA?

You may purchase tickets from the official Club websites or the ticket office, either in person or over the phone, in complete safety and security. On their official website, clubs will also publish information on any authorized ticket partners they may have. You may access the websites of the clubs by visiting our Club Profile pages (or click on the Club crests at the top of this page).

How do e tickets work for football games?

By using e-ticketing, consumers can be certain that they will always have their ticket on them in the form of their smartphone. Stadium organizers, on the other hand, will be able to incorporate a plethora of extra services as a result of the development of e-tickets, one of which may be the issuing of memorabilia tickets that can be saved inside the app.

What is a West Ham bond holder?

The Bond Scheme was established by West Ham United in November 1991 with the goal of raising funds towards the reconstruction of the Boleyn Ground. During the season, the club urged supporters to acquire bonds in three price ranges – £500, £750, and £950. Ownership of one of these bonds would grant the right to purchase a match day or Season Ticket for a selected seat for the next 150 years.

What is the capacity of the London stadium?

The stadium has a capacity of 80,000 people for concerts, with free movement between the field of play and the bottom tier. The roof has the distinction of being the world’s longest cantilevered roof.

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Where is West Ham stadium located?

The most convenient and fastest way to get to and from matches at London Stadium, which is located in the southern portion of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, is by public transportation.

Does West Ham station have a ticket office?

Station de train de West Ham It is the responsibility of ticket office workers to give help whenever feasible when tickets for National Rail services are not available through an accessible ticket machine. When it is feasible, ticket office employees will help customers.

Where is West Ham ticket office?

The Stadium Store is directly across the street from the Main Ticket Office, which is located opposite turnstiles E and F.

How do I contact West Ham United?

Get in Touch With Us

  1. Accessibility. Commercial and sponsorship inquiries should be sent to [email protected] [email protected] is the email address. Information about the company. Corporate Hospitality. Insurance. Mascots. Retail.
  2. Stadium
  3. West Ham United PLC, London Stadium, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London, E20 2ST.
  4. Corporate Hospitality

Is it hard to get Premier League tickets?

Because Premier League games are usually extremely popular, it might be difficult for Americans (and those who do not reside in the United Kingdom) to obtain tickets. To apply for tickets at Clubs or for some of the most high-profile games, it is even essential to be a member in some circumstances.

Where is the best place to buy Premier League tickets?

Tickets for Premier League games should always be purchased directly from the Premier League clubs if you intend to attend a game. You may purchase tickets through the official Club websites or ticket offices in a safe and secure manner. On their official website, clubs will also provide the names and contact information of any authorized ticket partners.

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How can I buy Arsenal tickets without membership?

For certain games, you do not need to be a member of Arsenal to get tickets. Instead, you may go online to and, once the period for selling tickets to members exclusively has expired, you can purchase a ticket directly from the club’s official website.

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