What Colour Is Chelsea Football Kit?

Chelsea yellow has made a comeback! Introducing the Nike Football Away Kit for the season 21/22, which has pinstripe hoops as a homage to the past, but is pushed into the present by a striking black colorway! It’s a Chelsea Thing, and it’s CFC. The kit is used in conjunction with black to produce a visually arresting and dramatic appearance.

  • With the new Chelsea football jerseys for the 2021-22 season, you can show your support for Thomas Tuchel’s Champions League-winning Chelsea, which includes the gorgeous home kit, which boasts a 60s-inspired design in a two-tone royal blue colorway with yellow accent.

What colour is Chelsea kit?

Chelsea’s colorful third uniform for the 2021-22 season is made of green. In addition to a new third kit inspired by the lively, young spirit of London town, Chelsea have presented their last entrance into their 2021-22 wardrobe with a new third jersey.

What colour is Chelsea’s second kit?

In place of white on the Blues’ primary jersey for this season, the Blues’ unusual yellow stripe down the side of the shirt and in subtle locations around the shirt was introduced. Chelsea’s 2021/22 away uniforms, which were leaked online via a fan’s snapshot taken outside the Chelsea Megastore at Stamford Bridge, are likewise yellow in hue.

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Is Chelsea kit royal blue?

Premier League club Chelsea have unveiled a lively new home uniform ahead of the 2021/22 season, which incorporates a visually appealing range of designs and accents in bright yellow. The Nike strip, which is painted in the club’s customary royal blue, was inspired by the Op Art style of the 1960s, which was concerned with optical illusions and was popular at the time.

What is the color code for royal blue?

#4169e1 is the hexadecimal code for royal blue.

What Colour is Man City?

When it comes to the uniform, the players will be dressed in black shorts with yellow socks, with the two colors chosen to represent both the club’s legacy and the youthful enthusiasm that today permeates Stamford Bridge. “When you go back through the years, you always remember the yellow uniforms worn by our heroes who made a difference.”

What is Chelsea’s away kit?

The Chelsea 2021-22 away uniform was officially unveiled on July 29, just in time for the start of the next season. The color scheme will be yellow and black, evoking the Blues’ penultimate yellow away shirt from the 2018-19 season. It will be available in limited quantities. The jersey’s base color is yellow, with thin horizontal black stripes running down the center of the body.

What are the Arsenal Colours?

Chelsea’s logo is made up of the hues blue, red, gold, light blue, and gray. The blue color code for the Chelsea logo is Pantone: PMS 7687 C, Hex Color: #034694, RGB: (3, 70, 148), CMYK: (CMYK, CMYK, CMYK), Pantone: PMS 7687 C, Hex Color: #034694, RGB: (3, 70, 148), CMYK: (CMYK, CMYK, CMYK, CMYK, CMY (100, 83, 10, 1).

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What color is teal?

Teal is a cyan-green hue with a blue undertone. The Eurasian teal (Anas crecca) is the bird that inspired the name because it has a similar-colored stripe on its head to the one on the teal’s. The term “cyan” is frequently used informally to refer to various hues of cyan as a whole.

What color is Royal Gold?

The color Royal Gold is a yellow-orange with an iridescent gold sheen that is reminiscent of gold. With a semi-gloss finish, this hue is made out of a polyester metallic powder coat.

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