When Did Alan Ball Sign For Everton? (TOP 5 Tips)

Ball’s contributions to the 1966 World Cup-winning England squad drew the interest of a number of teams with greater financial resources than Blackpool. In August 1966, he was finally transferred to Everton for a cost of £112,000, which was at the time the highest transfer fee ever paid to an English team.
What is Alan Ball’s background, and why did Everton choose to sign him?

  • Everton had had cause to be pleased with veteran defender Ray Wilson’s performance in the World Cup final for England, and now they have added the energetic and talented Alan Ball to their ranks. Ball was ‘only 23 and one of football’s hottest assets, with a World Cup victory already under his belt,’ according to the New York Times. [3]
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How old was Alan Ball when England won the World Cup?

Alan Ball, then seventeen years old, is shown just before making his debut for Blackpool’s first team against Liverpool. Image courtesy of Mirrorpix. Several of his teammates nominated him for the final’s man of the match award, despite the fact that he was the youngest member of England’s World Cup-winning squad in 1966.

How tall was Alanball?

There were 251 games and 71 goals scored, with 39 of his 72 England caps coming while playing for Everton, and those who still believe that his departure from Goodison Park was premature may refer to the fact that he went on to play a further 400 matches after leaving the club.

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How did Gordon Banks die?

When it was revealed that he was being treated for kidney cancer in December 2015, the world took notice. Banks passed away peacefully in his sleep on February 12, 2019, at the age of 81. The funeral service for Banks was held at Stoke Minster on March 4, 2019.

When did Alan Ball leave Arsenal?

Ball left Arsenal in December 1976 to join Southampton, where he enjoyed something of a rebirth as he assisted the Saints in winning promotion to the Premier League the following season. He finished his playing career in the United States and went on to manage seven clubs over a 19-year span, including two periods with the Portsmouth Football Club.

How old is Geoffhurst?

My personal life is a little complicated. Ball is the son of former World Cup champion Alan Ball Jr. and the grandson of Alan Ball Sr. Ball was born in the United Kingdom in 1966. All three members of the family have been successful in the Football League.

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