When Did Drogba Leave Chelsea? (Perfect answer)

Given Didier Drogba’s track record with the club, it wouldn’t have been out of the question for him to continue playing for the club until his retirement. Here are the three most important reasons why the talismanic striker retired in 2012.

  • Chelsea announced on their official website on May 22, 2012, that Drogba will be leaving the club at the conclusion of his contract, which ended at the end of June 2012. Announcing his decision to join Chinese Super League club Shanghai Shenhua on June 19, 2012, Drogba will reunite with his old Chelsea colleague Nicolas Anelka.

How many years did Drogba spend at Chelsea?

Didier Drogba joined Chelsea from Marseille in 2004 as a large guy with a burgeoning reputation in the football world. He left the club eight years later as a real legend, but he returned in 2014 to assist the team in winning their fourth Premier League championship.

How old was Drogba when he came back to Chelsea?

However, according to Alan Smith of the Guardian, Drogba’s departure from Chelsea may not have been his final farewell, with the 36-year-old on the verge of returning to Stamford Bridge in the near future.

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Where did Drogba go after leaving Chelsea?

When he left Chelsea in the summer of 2012, he joined Chinese Super League side Shanghai Shenhua, although he only stayed there for six months before moving on to Turkish club Galatasaray, before returning to Stamford Bridge in July 2014.

Did Drogba leave Chelsea and come back?

Didier Drogba has signed a one-year contract with Chelsea, which will see him return to the club where he won the Champions League in 2009. In an interview with Chelsea’s official website, Drogba said: “It was a simple decision – I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with Jose again.”

When did Drogba join Chelsea as a player?

In July 2004, Drogba signed a contract with Premier League team Chelsea for a club-record £24 million price, making him the most expensive Ivorian player in history and the most expensive player in the world overall. When he made his debut, he assisted the team in winning their first league title in 50 years, and a year later, he added another Premier League trophy to his collection.

How many times has Drogba won Golden Boot in England?

In the Premier League, Thierry Henry has the most Golden Boots with five. In the Premier League, he has won four Golden Boots. Alan Shearer and Harry Kane each have three goals to their names. Robin van Persie, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, Michael Owen, Didier Drogba, and Mohamed Salah are the only players in the Premier League to have won two Golden Boots.

Who signed Drogba for Chelsea?

Chelsea selected Jose Mourinho as their manager in the summer of 2004, and accomplished probably their most important transfer of the Premier League history with the signing of Didier Drogba for £24million. While at Chelsea, Drogba scored 164 goals in two periods as the club’s leading scorer. His stay at Stamford Bridge coincided with the club’s most successful period in its history.

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What was Drogba position in Marseille?

Besides himself, he has two younger brothers named Joel and Freddy, who are both professional basketball players. What is Didier Drogba’s current age? The former Ivorian soccer player was born on March 11th, 1978, in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. He will be 43 years old by the year 2021.

Who converted Drogba to a striker?

As a result of Drogba’s selection as Ligue 1 footballer of the year in the previous season, Jose Mourinho, who had taken over as Chelsea’s head coach from Claudio Ranieri in May of that year, made him his number one priority.

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