When Do Chelsea Tickets Go On Sale? (Question)

When do tickets for the Chelsea Premier League season go on sale?

  • Tickets for Premier League games at Stamford Bridge for Chelsea fans are normally given first priority over non-members in most instances. In order to purchase tickets for home Premier League matches, you must do it 42 days before the game.

Is there a waiting list for Chelsea season tickets?

Chelsea does not have a waiting list for their services. For purchases of tickets for home and away matches in the Premier League, domestic cup and European tournaments, Club Members receive ‘loyalty points,’ which may be used for future purchases.

How easy is it to get Chelsea tickets?

Members of the Chelsea Football Club Obtaining tickets is less difficult than it is for the majority of significant teams in the English Premier League, and the majority of people will be able to follow the purchasing procedure without issue. It is possible for Chelsea supporters to purchase tickets for all of the team’s home games since about 5,000 tickets have been allocated.

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Can I give my Chelsea ticket to a friend?

Using a service called friends and family, you and your friends and family may purchase tickets in one transaction. For the purpose of adding someone to your friends and family list, you must first ensure that the person you are adding is an active member who has previously signed into their account.

Where do Chelsea fans sit at Stamford Bridge?

Away spectators visiting Stamford Bridge are housed in the bottom deck of the Shed End, which is closest to the East Stand, and have a standard allocation of 3,000 seats.

Do Chelsea season tickets include away games?

With an usual allotment of 3,000 seats, away supporters visiting Stamford Bridge will be accommodated on the bottom tier of the Shed End, nearer the East Stand.

Do season tickets cover away games?

Season ticket holders are typically able to purchase tickets for additional home games (such as playoff games) before the general public, and they may even be granted priority when purchasing tickets for their team’s allocation at an away game in various sports, such as baseball. In most cases, the seats allotted to season ticket holders are the best seats available in their seating area.

How much is it to buy Chelsea FC?

Eventually, in July 2003, he sold the club to Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, for a total of about £18 million.

How long does Chelsea take to activate?

Memberships require a minimum of 48 hours to activate, while ticket exchange memberships need a minimum of 72 hours to activate.

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Is it safe to buy Premier League tickets on Stubhub?

The online ticket marketplace Stubhub should be avoided when purchasing tickets for a Premier League game. Because of the prominence of the teams involved, tickets for the game are exceedingly tough to obtain. Reselling tickets is against the law, and if StubHu or any other firm is offering these tickets, they are in violation of the law.

How long does it take for football tickets to arrive?

Tickets are normally provided 1-3 days before to the match, and on rare instances, on the day of the match if the match is held late in the day or evening, they are delivered on match day.

Do Chelsea loyalty points expire?

If we do not play one of these matches in the first month of the next season, the points from the previous season will be forfeited. The last two home and away matches of the season will also be offered on a point-based system to reward loyal fans.

Can I use a football ticket with someone else’s name?

Example 2: When someone purchases a ticket as a gift for another person, the tickets will be marked with the name of the original purchaser, but the ticket will still be eligible for usage. In both of these instances, as well as with sales on TicketSwap, the name on the ticket is irrelevant.

What is name of Chelsea stadium?

A football stadium in Fulham, next to the district of Chelsea in South West London, known as Stamford Bridge (/stmfrd/) is frequently referred to as The Bridge. It was built to host the Premier League club Chelsea. Chelsea Football Club plays their home games at Stamford Bridge.

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How tall is Stamford Bridge?

Chelsea FC Stadium Tours run around one hour, but because admission to the Museum is included in your ticket, you should plan on spending a total of two hours on the grounds of the stadium.

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