When Was The Last Time Tottenham Beat Chelsea At Stamford Bridge?

Tottenham defeated Chelsea 2–1 at White Hart Lane on November 5, 2006, bringing an end to a 16-year wait for a victory over the Blues in the English Premier League. Spurs did, however, overcome Chelsea in the league cup in 2002, winning 5–1 in the second leg following a 2–1 setback at Stamford Bridge, culminating in a 6–3 aggregate victory for Tottenham.

Which club beat Chelsea the most?

Chelsea have drawn more matches with Arsenal, Everton, and Manchester United than they have with any other team, with a total of 50 draws. Liverpool is the club against which the team has suffered the most league defeats, having been beaten by them 70 times in 156 meetings.

Who Has Chelsea lost to the most?

Losses. 1–8 against. for the most recent record defeat. Wolverhampton Wanderers were playing in the First Division on September 26, 1953. The record Premier League defeat is 0–6 v. Arsenal.

Why are Chelsea called pensioners?

Chelsea were known as The Pensioners until the mid-1950s because of their link with the renowned Chelsea Hospital, which housed British war veterans – the Chelsea Pensioners – during the Second World War. The term ‘The Pensioners’ was discontinued on the advice of Ted Drake, a former outstanding player who rose through the ranks to become Chelsea’s coach in the 1950s and 1960s.

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Which team has beaten Man U the most?

Arsenal has also defeated Manchester United in league play on 71 occasions, which is the most times the Red Devils have suffered a defeat against any other team in the world.

What trophy has Chelsea never won?

Before this season, Chelsea had never won either the European Cup/Champions League or the UEFA Cup/Europe League. Shortly after Mourinho’s return to the club in 2013, the team won another League Cup as well as their fifth consecutive league championship.

Who broke Chelsea’s home record?

Liverpool stopped Chelsea’s record-breaking home streak in an iconic moment.

Who was named Chelsea’s greatest ever player in 2003?

Gianfranco Zola is an Italian author and poet. He played for Chelsea for eight seasons, winning the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, the UEFA Super Cup, two FA Cups, the League Cup, and the Community Shield. In 2003, he was named the club’s best player of all time.

What is the biggest defeat in Premier league history?

1. Manchester United defeated Ipswich Town by a score of 9-0. Old Trafford hosted the match on March 4, 1995.

What is Chelsea’s nickname?

They must be above the age of 65, be able to live independently on the Long Wards upon arriving at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, and be free of any financial obligations to support a spouse or family when they apply for this position.

How do you qualify as a Chelsea pensioner?

Chelsea Pensioners must be former soldiers or non-commissioned officers of the British Army (including National Service), or a former officer of the British Army who served in the ranks for a minimum of 12 years or who was awarded a disablement pension while serving in the ranks, in order to be eligible.

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When did Chelsea beat Man U 6 0?

FootballCritic.com: Manchester United versus Chelsea (6-0) Match Preview and Statistics | December 25, 1960.

Did Arsenal ever score Man United 8 2?

With an 8–2 victory over Arsenal, Manchester United handed Arsenal its biggest league defeat since 1927, when they were defeated 7–0 by West Ham United in the old Football League First Division.

Which team has won the most at Old Trafford?

Manchester City is a football club based in England (8) When it comes to away victories at Old Trafford in the Premier League, Manchester City is the club with the most.

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