Where Do Chelsea Reserves Play? (Solved)

Chelsea F.C. Reserves and Academy
Ground Griffin Park (Reserve squad) Cobham Training Centre (Academy squad) (Capacity: 7,100 (Recreation Ground) 41,663 (Stamford Bridge))
Owner Roman Abramovich
Chairman Bruce Buck
Manager Adrian Viveash (U23) Jody Morris (U18)

Is Chelsea a member of a professional football league?

  • Chelsea F.C. Under-23s are the under-23 team of the English Premier League club Chelsea Football Club. They compete in the Premier League 2, which is the highest division of reserve football in the United Kingdom. They were the league’s champions during the 2013–14 campaign.

What category is Chelsea academy?

Chelsea FC has a football academy that caters to children from the ages of nine to twenty-three. Following an independent assessment conducted by the Premier League, the Academy was given Category One classification in 2016.

How do you get scouted for Chelsea?

How to get noticed by a scout from the Chelsea FC Academy

  1. A player’s CV
  2. a covering letter
  3. a player’s vital statistics sheet that includes the following information: position, age, date of birth, height and weight
  4. contact information (email/phone/address)
  5. current and previous clubs
  6. details of any trials that have been attended
  7. any representative honors such as school, districts, county etc.
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Where is Chelsea Academy located in Nigeria?

Those in charge of the club’s representation in Nigeria, Noah Olivier and Dominic Egbukwu, President Soccer Africa Sports Management, revealed the information to Daily Sunsports, stating that the camp would be located in Victoria Island, Lagos, and would serve as a development center for promising young Nigerian players.

Can I join a football academy at 16?

Generally speaking, one of the ideal ages to attend an academy is around the age of thirteen. Because Pro Contracts may be obtained between the ages of 16 and 18, it is preferable to join before reaching this age. Every scenario, on the other hand, is unique. Regardless of what other people tell you, you can always pursue a career as a professional athlete.

Where do Chelsea FC train?

The Station Road, Stoke D’Abernon station is the one that is closest to the Chelsea FC Cobham Training Ground in Cobham, and it is also the most convenient (Surrey).

Is John Terry from Chelsea academy?

Having progressed through Chelsea’s academy system, Terry went on to make 717 professional appearances for the club, captaining the team for more than 500 games and won 17 trophies, including five Premier League crowns and the Champions League with the club.

What is the minimum age to join a football academy?

An Academy player must be at least nine years old to be accepted into the program, however several clubs, like as Arsenal, offer development groups that cater to youngsters even younger than nine years old.

Can you get scouted at 14?

You may be scouted in football from the age of 7 to 22 years old, with the majority of players being scouted by football academies from the age of 13. There isn’t exactly a set age at which you are no longer eligible to be scouted; nevertheless, the average age at which you are no longer eligible to be scouted is in your early twenties.

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What is Chelsea development Centre?

Cranmore School in West Horsley has been chosen as the site for the Chelsea Foundation’s new pre-development center, which will provide opportunities for young male and female football players to reach their full potential.

Where is Barcelona academy in Nigeria?

Barcelona FC’s Nigerian academy is located in the Teslim Balogun Stadium in Surulere, Lagos, and is managed by the club. The academy was established solely for the purpose of assisting future Nigerian football players in realizing their ambitions of becoming big and renowned stars.

Where is Chelsea Football Academy in Lagos?

Chelsea FC must play its first-team matches at Stamford Bridge in order to retain the right to use the name, which implies that if the club relocates to a new stadium, they may be forced to alter their name to Chelsea Football Club. Chelsea’s training facility is located in the Surrey town of Cobham.

Where is football academy in Nigeria?

The football academy is located in the Lagos suburb of Agege. The PEPSI Football Academy is the most prestigious football academy in Nigeria, with a student body of over 2,000. The academy has an excellent reputation and has already produced a large number of players who have gone on to become worldwide stars.

Do academy players get paid?

Yes, Academy players get compensated for their efforts. A payment is paid to youth athletes after they graduate from high school and sign a professional contract. An apprentice in this industry earns a modest pay before signing a professional contract, just as they do in other businesses. This is the point at which athletes are eligible to compete for an Academy scholarship.

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Who is the youngest footballer?

Yes, Academy players are compensated, and this is the correct response. As soon as they graduate from high school and sign a professional deal, youth players begin earning money. An apprentice in this industry earns a modest pay before obtaining a professional contract, similar to that of other industries. At this point, athletes are eligible to be considered for Academy scholarships.

How do I join the British football Academy?

To be considered for admission to our academy, you must complete the following steps:

  1. A completed booking form — booking forms may be downloaded here.
  2. a copy of your most recent academic report
  3. a letter of recommendation from your most recent football coach or physical education instructor.

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