Who Knocked Chelsea Out Of The Champions League 2014? (Perfect answer)

Chelsea started April in a disappointing manner, losing 3–1 to Paris Saint-Germain at the Parc des Princes, putting their prospects of qualifying for the 2013–14 Champions League in jeopardy.

Who won the 2013 14 Champions League?

Barcelona won the match 4–1 overall. In the end, Manchester United prevailed 3–2 on aggregate.

Who won the 2014 UCL final?

Prior to defeating Crystal Palace and securing the Premier League championship. In early May, Chelsea needed only one goal and one clean sheet to clinch the Premier League title with three games to spare. And that’s precisely what they got in their match against Crystal Palace.

Who won the 2010 Champions League?

The match was won by Inter Milan, who defeated Bayern Munich 2–0 to clinch the triple, a feat that had never been accomplished previously by any side from either Italy or Germany before.

Who won the UEFA Champions League 2012?

Pedro, Lionel Messi, and David Villa scored for Barcelona in their 3–1 victory, which gave them their fourth Champions League trophy in as many seasons.

Who eliminated Barcelona in 2017 Champions League?

Juventus frustrates Barcelona in order to secure a last-four berth.

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