Who Scored Chelsea Goals Today? (TOP 5 Tips)

Who is the most prolific goal scorer?

  • Despite the fact that it is impossible to draw comparisons between various players and leagues, most analysts believe Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as Pelé, is the all-time leading goal scorer in football history, having scored 1,279 goals in 1,363 games during his career.

Who scored Chelsea’s second goal today?

Chelsea’s second goal comes courtesy of N’Golo Kante.

Who is the top scorer in Chelsea 2021?

Romelu Lukaku has scored five goals for Chelsea.

Who scored Chelsea first?

Check out the video below to see Andreas Christensen scoring his first ever Chelsea goal against Malmö! – We don’t have a lot of history.

Who is Chelsea leading scorer?

Frank Lampard holds the record for most goals scored by a Chelsea player, with 211 in total.

How many goals has Chelsea scored this season?

Chelsea has scored a total of 45 goals in the Premier League thus far this season.

What is Chelsea’s biggest win?

With a 13–0 victory over Jeunesse Hautcharage in the Cup Winners’ Cup in 1971, Chelsea holds the record for the most wins in a competitive match by a single score. When the team won 8–0 against Wigan Athletic in 2010, it set a new record for the club, which was later surpassed by a same score against Aston Villa in 2012.

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Who was named Chelsea’s greatest ever player in 2003?

In his time at Chelsea, Gianfranco Zola was elected the club’s finest ever player in 2003. He won the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, the UEFA Super Cup, two FA Cups, the League Cup, and the Community Shield, among other trophies and awards.

How many goals did Drogba score for Chelsea?

Over the course of 254 Premier League matches, Didier Drogba scored 104 goals and assisted on an additional 55 goals. Drogba, who is constantly looking for a way to win, has 172 victories and only 30 defeats throughout his tenure with the Blues. Furthermore, during the 2006/07 and 2009/10 seasons, the 43-year-old was awarded two Premier League Golden Boots, one in each season.

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