Who Will Win Arsenal Or Chelsea? (Solution)

Arsenal vs. Chelsea Betting Predictions

Arsenal Odds +275 [BET NOW]
Chelsea Odds +102 [BET NOW]
Draw +255 [BET NOW]
Over/Under 2.5 (-104/-121) [BET NOW]
Time 12:30 p.m. ET

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Who isn’t playing for Arsenal this season because of Covid-19?

  • Trevoh Chalobah scored on his professional debut as the Eagles were defeated 3-0 by Thomas Tuchel’s side to get their championship challenge off to a winning start. After testing positive for COVID-19, Alexandre Lacazette, Willian, and Runar Alex Runarsson were all ruled out of the game.

Who is better Arsenal or Chelsea?

Arsenal Football Club vs. Chelsea Football Club Overall, Arsenal has won more games than Chelsea in the history of the rivalry, having won 79 times to Chelsea’s 66, with 59 draws in the process (as of 22 August 2021). Arsenal’s all-time winningest game was a 5–1 triumph against Chelsea in a First Division encounter at Stamford Bridge on November 29, 1930.

Who is most likely to win the Premier League?

The most recent Premier League top-four odds are available.

  • Liverpool are 1/100, Chelsea are 1/40, Manchester United are 17/10, Tottenham Hotspur are 15/8, Arsenal are 13/5, West Ham are 5/1, and there is a 33/1 bar.
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Is arsenal bigger than Chelsea?

According to Jamie O’Hara, despite Chelsea FC’s victory in the Champions League, Arsenal remains the most important club in London. As a result, Chelsea have now won 17 major trophies since Roman Abramovich began funding their success in 2003, including five Premier League crowns to Arsenal’s one.

Is Arsenal better than Man U?

It was in October 1894 that Arsenal and Manchester United first met in a competitive match; as of the 2nd December 2020, the two clubs had met a total of 236 times. United has won 98 games compared to Arsenal’s 85, while 53 games have resulted in a tie.

Has Arsenal been relegated?

Pre-Premier League history aside, Arsenal have the most successful history in England’s top level, having only been relegated once, in the 1912-13 season, when they (then known as Woolwich Arsenal) finished last in the league table.

Who is Chelsea FC biggest rival?

– The West Ham United football club. Because they are all based in the same city, these London clubs are referred to be Chelsea’s “greatest rivals.”

Who is the best team in London?

Arsenal, Chelsea, and Tottenham Hotspur are the most successful teams in the history of the Premier League in London. In total, they have amassed a total of 103 championships and trophies between them. Wembley Stadium, the national stadium of England, is located in the capital.

Who is the king of London in football?

Arsenal are unquestionably the “Kings of London” in terms of historical significance. No other team in the capital has won as many domestic titles or as many overall trophies as the North Londoners in their history.

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Who is the biggest London club?

According to Gabby Agbonlahor, if you exclude Chelsea from the equation, West Ham are the most important club in London.

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