Why Did Chelsea Sell Robben? (Question)

How many games did Arjen Robben play for Chelsea before he retired?

  • Robben’s final appearance for the club came in the 2007 FA Cup Final, when he was pitted against Manchester United. Robben came in as a half-time substitute for Joe Cole, however he was later replaced by Ashley Cole in extra time as Chelsea won the match. Real Madrid, a Spanish club, was interested in two of Chelsea’s players.

How much did Chelsea sell Robben for?

A deal to capture Arjen Robben from the PSV Eindhoven for £12 million has been finalized by the Premier League club.

What happened to Arjen Robben?

Arjen Robben has announced his retirement from football, after a 21-year playing career with the Netherlands national team. In contrast, the 37-year-old suffered with injuries after coming out of retirement in 2020 and rejoined childhood club Groningen in the same year.

Who sold Robben?

Real Madrid traded Arjen Robben to Bayern Munich for a cost of 25 million euros in the summer of 2009, and the Dutchman feels that the opportunity for Los Blancos to profit from the sale was a big factor in the decision.

Why did Real Madrid sell Robben?

In an interview with ESPN, Arjen Robben said that he left Real Madrid to join German powerhouse Bayern Munich in order for Florentino Perez to recoup the money spent on a big makeover of players during the 2009 summer transfer market.

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When did Robben move to Bayern?

Robben then went on to play for Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea, where he won two Premier League crowns, two League Cups, and the FA Cup during his time there. In 2007, the Dutchman moved to Real Madrid, where he won the La Liga the following season before joining Bayern Munich a year later, where he would have his greatest success.

How old is Muller Thomas?

Mbappe has a history with Chelsea, having reputedly been ‘turned down’ by the club when he was a youngster after playing for the academy squad in a friendly against Charlton Athletic at Stamford Bridge.

What Premier League team did Robben play for?

F ormer is an abbreviation for Former. Arjen Robben, the Chelsea winger, has announced his retirement from football – for the second time in his career – at the age of 37. Robben was a crucial player of Jose Mourinho’s first Chelsea group, which won the Premier League thrice between 2004 and 2007 before departing to join Real Madrid. Robben was born in the Netherlands and raised in England.

Where did Robben go after Bayern?

Robben had earlier announced his retirement in 2019 following his release from Bayern, but he returned to the field to play for Groningen in his home country of the Netherlands, the club where he began his professional start before moving on to play for PSV, Chelsea, Real Madrid, and finally Bayern.

How old is Lewandowski?

According to Sky Sports News, Lewandowski, who will turn 33 on Saturday, is content with his current club, Bayern Munich, but hopes to earn a move to another big European team before the age of 35.

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