Why Is Liverpool V Chelsea Postponed? (Question)

They had already postponed their match against Chelsea, which was initially planned for 21 March, as a result of the Blues’ 1-0 victory against Liverpool at Stamford Bridge on Monday afternoon.

Who has won more Liverpool or Chelsea?

The biggest disparity still exists between the teams in the league and in the Champions League. For every one of Chelsea’s five Premier League championships, Liverpool has 18; for every one of Chelsea’s one Champions League title, Liverpool has five.

Is Arsenal vs Liverpool postponed?

Unfortunately, we have to inform you that the first leg of our Carabao Cup semi-final against Liverpool, scheduled for Thursday, January 6, has been postponed owing to a COVID-19 outbreak among the Liverpool team and staff. In the wake of the postponement, the order of the matches has been reshuffled. 6

Who won most between Arsenal and Liverpool?

With 81 victories, Arsenal have outscored Liverpool, who have amassed 92 victories and drawn the remaining 61 games.

Which team has beaten Liverpool the most?

Aston Villa is the team that Liverpool has beaten the most often in league play; the Reds have defeated them 91 times out of 187 encounters between the two clubs.

Which team has beaten Man U most?

Arsenal has also defeated Manchester United in league play on 71 occasions, which is the most times the Red Devils have suffered a defeat against any other team in the world.

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Which team has beaten Manchester City the most?

Also in league competition, Arsenal has beaten Manchester City on 87 occasions, which is the most times the Citizens have lost to any team in the league.

Who’s better Arsenal or Liverpool?

Liverpool have won their previous five home Premier League meetings against Arsenal, scored at least three goals in every game — they last had a lengthier home top-flight winning streak against the Gunners between September 1981 and January 1988 (seven in a row) (seven in a row).

Are Arsenal and Liverpool rivals?

It was against Newcastle United that Arsenal played their first Football League game, and it was against A.F.C. that they faced their 85th and most recent different league opponent. Liverpool have drew 52 league games against Arsenal, more than any other team in the competition.

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