How Many Leagues Have Arsenal Won? (Solved)

From 1889 through 2021, the Premier League was won by a single team.

Characteristic Number of titles
Arsenal FC 13
Everton FC 9
Manchester City 7
Aston Villa 7


When did Arsenal last win the league?

A League Cup in 1986–87, a Football League Centenary Trophy in 1988, two League titles in 1988–89 and 1990–91, a double-winning season in the FA Cup and League Cup in 1992–93, and a second European trophy in the form of the Cup Winners’ Cup in 1993–94 were all achieved by Arsenal.

Has Arsenal won a European trophy?

Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal has won two European titles: the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup in 1970 and the European Cup Winners’ Cup in 1994 — the latter of which was recognized by the European Confederation. The club competed in the 1994 European Super Cup and returned the following year to compete in the Cup Winners’ Cup final, which it won.

Which year did Arsenal win EPL?

Armada has won two European titles: the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup in 1970 and the Cup Winners’ Cup in 1994 — the latter of which was recognized by the European Confederation as a legitimate trophy. During the 1994 European Super Cup, the club competed and was again present in the Cup Winners’ Cup final the following year.

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Who has beaten Arsenal the most?

Among the teams that Arsenal has faced the most in league competition is Manchester United, with whom they first met in the 1894–95 Football League season; Arsenal has suffered 83 losses from 204 matches, which is more than any other club has suffered against any other side. Liverpool have drew 52 league games against Arsenal, more than any other team in the competition.

Is Arsenal a bigger club than Chelsea?

According to Jamie O’Hara, despite Chelsea FC’s victory in the Champions League, Arsenal remains the most important club in London. As a result, Chelsea have now won 17 major trophies since Roman Abramovich began funding their success in 2003, including five Premier League crowns to Arsenal’s one.

Is Tottenham better than Arsenal?

As of the 26th of September in 2021, 190 games have been played between the two teams since their first meeting in the Football League in 1909, with Arsenal winning 79 games, Tottenham winning 60 games, and 51 games being drawn.

How many trophies has Ronaldo won?

The striker has collected 32 medals throughout his professional career, including seven league crowns and five UEFA Champions Leagues. He has also played in the one-time UEFA European Championship and the one-time UEFA Nations League.

How many trophies have Arsenal won in last 10 years?

Arsenal has won three major trophies. Despite the fact that the Gunners haven’t had much to brag about in the previous ten years, they have won the FA Cup on three occasions (2014, 2015 and 2017).

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When were Arsenal last relegated?

Pre-Premier League history aside, Arsenal have the most successful history in England’s top level, having only been relegated once, in the 1912-13 season, when they (then known as Woolwich Arsenal) finished last in the league table.

Is Arsenal a good team?

Most years, they outscore everyone else in terms of goals scored. Consider them to be a tougher version of Brazil. Arsenal is by far and away the most interesting team to watch in the English Premier League. Thierry Henry, the finest player on the Arsenal’s roster and one of the top two players in the world, is perhaps the only player in the whole English Premier League who is capable of winning a game by himself.

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