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Delivery Terms & Conditions

Delivery Method

Your goods will be dispatched via Courier or Royal Mail’s standard parcel delivery service and should arrive within one week of us processing the order.

Please allow 28 days for delivery from the time you place your order on the website to delivery. However, customers should usually receive their goods within 14 days of placing their order.

FREE Delivery

There will be no delivery charges for your order if the value of your order is over £150.00.

Delivery Charges

Delivery rates vary depending on the type of item you required delivered. This is because some items are bulkier or more fragile than others.

You will be charged at the highest rate for the first item in the most expensive postage class. For each subsequent item, the lower postage rate of the item's postage class will be applied.

The table below shows our postage rates.

Class of item Description High Rate Low Rate
Small Trophies and Figurines £7.50 £0.75
Medium Presentation Cups £9.00 £1.25
Large Large Prestigious Items £11.00 £2.00
Fragile Glassware £7.50 £0.75
Very Small Medals & Small items £4.99 £0.30

If you have any more queries relating to our delivery service please make an enquiry via the contact facility.

We can only deliver to locations within the United Kingdom.
If you have any special requirements relating to the delivery of your items please contact us and we will endeavour to assist you as best we can.

Overseas Delivery

For overseas delivery please contact us & tell us your delivery address and the date by which you require the goods and your daytime telephone number.

NOTE: Our Website is intended for residents of the United Kingdom and The Trophy Shop UK makes no representation or warranty that our Website or any of the items are appropriate or available for use or delivery at any location outside the UK.

Using our Website from any other country, in which the laws governing the operation or use of websites is different than the laws of England and Wales, then you are advised that your usage of the Website is governed by the laws of England and Wales, and that you are fully responsible for compliance with your local laws if and to the extent that such local laws are applicable.