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Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions


While it is very rare to recieve complaints about the level of service at TheTrophyShopUK.com should you need to complain please email us at sales@thetrophyshopuk.com with full details of problems experienced and we will do our best to put them right. Your complaint will be acknowledged within three working days.

All complaints are confidential. Please note we welcome general feedback, as this allows help us to improve our service to you.


The Company warrants that the Goods are of satisfactory quality. If the Buyer wishes to make a claim under this warranty, the Buyer shall give written notice to the Company within 30 days of the discovery of the defect and give the Company a reasonable opportunity to inspect the Goods in question. The Company shall not be liable for any breach of warranty if the Buyer makes any further use of the Goods after giving such notice or alters or repairs the Goods without the agreement of the Company. The Company shall not be liable for engraving errors due to incorrect information and/or spellings supplied by the Buyer or his agents.

The Company's liability under the warranty shall be limited to repairing or replacing the Goods in question or refunding the price of such Goods.

Limitation of liability

The Company's liability in contract, tort or otherwise arising out of the subject matter of the Contract shall not exceed the original value of the goods and the Company shall under no circumstances be liable to the Buyer for any consequential, indirect or economic loss or damages.

Force Majeure

If either party is subject to an event of Force Majeure, that is circumstances outside its reasonable control, including but not limited to war, fire, industrial disputes or civil commotion, it shall notify the other and the first party's obligations under these Terms shall be suspended until it notifies the other party of the end of such event of Force Majeure.